Nexxus Solutions Group is a contractor and service provider network serving the U.S Insurance Industry. Our focus is to exceed our clients and customers expectations by delivering quality repairs and service, thus reducing cycle times through a team of the best mitigation, contractors and specialty providers in the industry.

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If you are looking to grow your business and you are committed to providing service that exceeds the customer’s expectations then the Nexxus Solutions Group Network will benefit your business. Our online application is an easy way to apply and once accepted into the network you will begin to realize the benefits and how it will help grow your business. Our process is easy for our network members to receive and transmit loss estimates ensuring a smooth and enhanced customer experience.

In addition to receiving claim referrals, Nexxus Solutions Group offers other value added benefits such as affinity member discounts, buying power benefits and training on the newest processes and service solutions. Our claim referral metrics includes independent customer satisfaction survey data allowing our members to continually improve their operational excellence.

Join the Nexxus Solutions Group network, a service driven network.

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